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401(k) Retirement Program

TMTA teamed up with CAPTRUST (formerly Freedom One Financial Group) over 10 years ago
to provide our members with a 401(k) retirement program that continues to be
one of the most comprehensive retirement plans available

Managing your company’s 401(k) plan is a huge responsibility. After all, your employees’ financial futures are on the line. Therefore, it’s important to work with a retirement plan partner who has the same goal as you: to prepare your employees for a successful retirement.


CAPTRUST’s 401(k) plans offer:



◄Participant Education & Advice

Even the best-designed 401(k) plan isn’t effective if your employees don’t participate in it. CAPTRUST’s Retirement Consultants meet with your employees to ensure they understand the value of participation. They conduct on-site employee group meetings and/or they can regularly meet one-on-one with each of your employees to make sure they have a retirement strategy and stay on track toward meeting their goals.

◄Managed Account Portfolios

CAPTRUST offers five diversified Managed Account Portfolios (MAPs), each tailored to a specific investment strategy. The MAPs are actively managed. This means that CAPTRUST’s investment professionals monitor the market and adjust the funds as necessary so your employees don’t need to be financially savvy–they can rely on CAPTRUST’s investment knowledge.

◄Investment Advisory Services

As an independent organization, CAPTRUST chooses best-in-class funds in each asset class and category from the entire universe of mutual funds. Their investment team utilizes a comprehensive and unbiased approach to evaluate funds for inclusion in MAPs. Ongoing, the funds are monitored to ensure they continue to meet CAPTRUST’s standards.

◄Fiduciary Oversight

CAPTRUST can reduce your personal and corporate liability by sharing your plan’s fiduciary responsibilities. Depending on your needs, CAPTRUST can either act as your Investment Advisor [defined by ERISA section 3(21)(A)] or your Investment Manager [defined by ERISA section 3(38)]. Either way, you can be assured that CAPTRUST is working in your best interests–and the best interests of your employees.

◄Recordkeeping & Administration

CAPTRUST reduces your administrative burden and provides greater compliance with ERISA and all federal regulations. They offer comprehensive recordkeeping and administrative services so you can focus on running your business, not your retirement plan

◄Satisfied Clients, Proven Results

For more than 20 years, CAPTRUST has been a trusted and respected retirement plan provider. High client retention rates speak to the importance of CAPTRUST’s prudent approach to investments, commitment to employee education, and advice to both plan sponsors and participants.

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