About SK International

Custom Engineering Services for Customers around the World

Established in 2005, SK International has become a powerhouse of continued innovation, creativity, automation and customization and has evolved into a company that has the capability to deliver on all fronts. Over the course of practice, we have completed over 400 projects ranging from design, assembly, manufacturing of custom engineering projects and the successful release of numerous other engineering centric services with happy and satisfied customers from all over the globe.

Our diverse range of services and engineering solutions extend into multiple industries and platforms including Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, and Pharmaceutical.

Located in the Midwest United States, the center of the engineering and manufacturing world, we efficiently execute projects using cutting edge technology and in line with the highest international standards.

Quality Policy:

Our vision is to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery, and value.”

Quality Objectives:

  • To meet customer requirements ensuring quality and reliability of products.
  • To follow the promised delivery dates acceptable to the customer.
  • To meet the customer satisfaction.
  • To make sure our suppliers are meeting the delivery requirements.
  • To make sure our suppliers are meeting the quality requirements.

ENGINEERING SERVICES: We provide customer requirement specific, highly adaptable engineering services.
MANUFACTURING SERVICES: We offer innovative manufacturing solutions for the small and large scale manufacturing industries.
GEOSPATIAL SERVICES: We provide geospatial services for urban, government, agricultural, utilities, and forestry sectors.
CUSTOMIZED SERVICES: We specialize in end to end solutions, set up of special purpose machines, integrated control and automation systems, and production line equipment.

“Transforming Ideas Into Reality”
“Delivering Excellence Through Innovation”
“Engineering Visions Made Easy”
“Smart Solutions, Products & Services”

Contact Us for your special engineering needs:
SK International, 23700 Research Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

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