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Doug Berger of Industry Reimagined 2030 joined Ken Rapoza to talk about shifting the national narrative of US industry from a prevailing view of ‘inevitable decline’ to one of ‘vibrant opportunity.’



The next episode of Coalition Conversations is happening TOMORROW, Thursday, June 17 @ 9:30 am with guest host Ken Rapoza (@BRICbreaker) featuring Doug Berger of Industry Reimagined 2030.


“The 2021 Reshoring Index just published by the Coalition for a Prosperous America, shows that that America’s trade manufacturing deficit has reached the lowest point ever, with apparel taking the worst hit.”

Why are Chinese Communist Party entities allowed to buy land in the United States—especially in areas of strategic importance like a military base?

Rep. @chiproytx wants to find out. And more importantly, stop it from happening.

Today’s new guidance from the Biden administration on the Made in America Executive Order is a welcome and encouraging development. CPA has long advocated for increasing domestic sourcing and purchasing by the federal government.

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