About Blue Cross Blue Shield

Affordable Michigan Heath Insurance 

A TMTA membership means you have the resources and support

needed to build and grow your business…

Did you know that it also gives you the opportunity to provide your employees with the peace of mind that comes with small group health care protection from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan?

By signing up for the free TMTA Sponsored Group Plan

with BCBSM or BCN, you receive:

 ◄ Direct, online record keeping performed by TMTA in our office.  Changes are submitted by you directly to TMTA and processed within 24 hours by our conscientious staff to ensure accuracy and timely, up-to-date employee records.
◄ Premium One-on-One Customer Support by TMTA.
TMTA has access to your company’s BCBS group records so we can assist in answering all of your questions when you need them answered. And if we don’t know, we will find out ASAP so your employees stay happy and healthy!
The benefits you offer as an employer give you a competitive edge in attracting and keeping employees.
Through the TMTA Insurance Agency, even the smallest business owner can offer the best-in-class health care protection through Blues sponsored plans. Your employees benefit from:
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • A Dedication to Wellness
  • Easy Online Resources
  • Member Discounts
  • Blues Commitment
  • TMTA Insurance Agency Support
There is no charge for this service and it does not affect your rates, nor your agent’s commissions, in any way. 

TMTA Contacts


Bill Percha

Elaine Burger-Laskosky


Bill: 586-904-9700

Elaine: 248-488-0300

Working Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

BCBS Headquarters