Member Verification and Voting 2021

Dear TMTA Authorized Member/Voter Agent:

Thank you for being a reliable member of TMTA through these turbulent times. I am pleased to report that our association is launching into some exciting changes and creating new opportunities for members.

Soon you will be hearing of better workers compensation offers, discounts on additional products/services, training events – free for members, workforce recruiting/development plans, our new website with YOU in mind, etc.

But today,

I need your very careful attention to a simple ACTION:

We have launched a new digital platform to support our new initiatives.

We need to verify your membership record as the Authorized Member/Voter Agent for your company – one person, one email, one phone, one company name. That’s it!

Our new systems will take it from there. We will give you complete access to all that is included in your TMTA membership. Please go to this link on the world-wide internet and enter the key info. We will match and verify all the records and send a confirmation.

Thank you for doing this ASAP while you are thinking about it. Accurate records will enable us to get your voting for the upcoming Board selections and open up all the great TMTA offerings.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Padula


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