Reliance Standard/Ameritas
(Life/Dental insurance programs)
TMTA contacts:
Bill Percha 586-904-9700
Rachel Hindelang 248-488-0300, ext. 1310

About Reliance Standard/Ameritas

Life/Dental Insurance Programs  

The TMTA has offered a Group Life Insurance Plan since 1950.

The plan is currently insured through the Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.


The plan offers several benefits to choose from:

Basic & Supplemental Life Insurance
Weekly Disability Income
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits
Dependent Life Insurance
Long Term Disability
24-Hour Accidental Death Benefits

You can leverage the TMTA’s national buying power and shared risk while tailoring a Life Insurance Plan to meet your company’s individual and owner needs.

That means:
  • Lower rates than you could qualify for on your own.
  • Company tailored life insurance programs with no medical questions asked – no matter how many employees you have.
  • Both employer-paid and voluntary coverage options with no minimum participation rules for voluntary plans.
  • You could realize immediate benefits cost savings in excess of your annual TMTA dues obligations.
  • You receive Premium Service because you deal directly with TMTA for all your needs.
  • Daily recordkeeping by the TMTA staff so that your records and billings are up-to-date at all times.
  • Direct and immediate claims processing by Reliance with monitoring by TMTA

The benefits you offer as an employer give you a competitive edge in attracting and keeping employees.
Through the TMTA Insurance Agency, even the smallest business owner can offer the best-in-class health care protection through Blues sponsored plans. Your employees benefit from:
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • A Dedication to Wellness
  • Easy Online Resources
  • Member Discounts
  • Blues Commitment
  • TMTA Insurance Agency Support
There is no charge for this service and it does not affect your rates, nor your agent’s commissions, in any way. 

TMTA Contacts


Bill Percha

Elaine Burger-Laskosky


Bill: 586-904-9700

Elaine: 248-488-0300, ext. 

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