About Results Systems Corporation

Business Management Consulting 

A TMTA membership means you have expert resources and contacts as close as your telephone that can help in many aspects of your business.
The Results Systems Corporation consultants have proven methods to understand your problem and cut to the chase , then — solve it fast!
Top-notch services available from Results Systems Corporation include:
  • Management, Leadership Training
  • Productivity Improvement Programs
  • Quality Assessment and Change Programs
  • Business Succession Planning, Broker Services
  • Marketing Advisory – Online and Offline
  • Sales Performance Planning and Measurement
  • Expert Course Development and Authoring
  • Financial Analysis and Strategy Execution
The service process follows a after a full situation analysis discovery and proposal plan of action for acceptance by client prior to any work. The discovery process alone inspires opportunities for results. 

TMTA Contact


Paul Hindelang



Working Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.